Published Works
Arc Studio

A revolutionary brand design consultancy that specializes in intuitive, motion-based web design.

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Reece Parker

Reece Parker is a freelance animator who commissioned me to help with the layout of this site and to use Javascript and CSS to make it responsive.

Brigham Young University - Idaho

This University site is viewed by thousands and worked on by hundreds.

I was responsible for all of the CSS styles for the entire site. During my time there I successfully reduced the site’s load time by half.

PathwayConnect Support

PathwayConnect is a low-cost, one-year educational opportunity that combines online courses with local gatherings. 

My role was to develop and maintain their custom WordPress themes. Using PHP, Javascript, and CSS, I built user interfaces that helps students and teachers find and easily use the support materials that they need.

Unpublished Works

Octout is a revolutionary cloud-based solution for businesses that makes complex IT tasks, like PC upgrades, 1-click simple.

My role was to design and build a custom management interface from the ground up. Using Node.js, React.js, REST APIs, SASS, and modern UX techniques, the resulting web application is one of my finest accomplishments.


The Blipor project is a movie hosting service that offers a more useful future for DVDs than just collecting dust on the shelf as people consume media more and more from streaming services. The cloud-based web app allows members to send in their DVDs and then stream them to any device.

My role was to design and build the interface from scratch. I used many of the same technologies and skills that I gained from working with Octout. Those include Node.js, SASS, and REST APIs.


An ongoing side project of building awesomely useful HTML/CSS components!

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